This Is Why Tucson Ac Repair Is So Famous!

symptoms of my what my AC unit is actually doing right at this point and I’m going to switch it on and you can hear and see what’s going on and we’re looking at the top of the AC unit with the fan you so you can hear it buzzing you can hear the motor trying to start but there’s no action anywhere okay and show you something here I’m going to use a little stick.

Here and just spin the fan you can see the Finn the fan tries to start up and it’s trying to spin up and it’s spinning up but obviously it didn’t spin up on its own as it should and it’s not going full speed either it’s like taking forever to get up to speed.

And I doubt it’s going to keep on going again the compressor I have not heard it turn on yet now I just heard the compressor buzz again sounds like it’s trying and basically what all this indicates is that the capacitor in this AC unit is not working correctly because neither one of the motors is spinning up but obviously they’re getting energy because the fans spinning and you can hear the motor the AC motor trying to engage but if the capacitor isn’t up to snuff neither one will actually happen so I’m just going to go inside now and shut it off shutting it off I turn the thermostat control to off.

Then the door if you slide it in a little bit at the top it’ll just stay there okay next we’re going to look at what’s inside all right now we’re looking inside our breaker box and there’s the actual breaker itself and as you can see he’s got an on-and-off setting to it basically you know they’re saying he’ll take it out flip it over and it’ll be off well you know what there’s no sure way to make sure that that breaker is off take it right out of the box so there we go we pulled it it’s got a little handle on it as you can see hopefully and you pull the whole breaker off there it is the two contacts and I’m putting it on top of the box that way I know there’s no.

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