The Real Reason Behind Tucson Air Conditioning

It pushes up against the switch and closes the connection inside this switch and allows for current to pass through and when current pass through that it goes from there usually to an AC compressor clutch which is already crowded and when it gets that current from your AC no pressure side switch it turns on and starts pumping the refrigerant from the wall side.

Into the high pressure side but then again as a consular infusion from the most time to the high pressure side the pressure inside your low side goes down the lowest turn threshold and when it goes down below sound threshold your low pressure side switch opens and when it opens it cuts the current to your compressor and that’s why it disengages and then the whole cycle repeats itself and then we have low refrigerant this just happens more and more quickly now for whatever reason you don’t have access to the repair manual for your car you can use these numbers you see here to give you a general guide.

so for example right now Tucson air conditioning we’re here is about degrees Fahrenheit above % humidity so on the low side we should have to psi of pressure on the high side and should have psi of pressure and I know that’s a bit of a wide range but you can see we have here we have about or maybe or on the low side and then we have and for both for both sides we’re on the lower side so we can conclude that we are just the compressor clutch engage and the engine running basically means you have a shot AC compressor.

It’s basically not compressing the refrigerant that’s coming to it from the both side or perhaps maybe there is check valves here they refrigerant from this side going out and out that cannon from this side coming in and not back out whatever the make case maybe you have a bad if you can pursue and you need to replace it or rebuild it alright so next let’s say you have higher pressure on the high side and what you’re supposed to have and then lower than what you’re supposed to have pressure on the low side.

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