Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Reverse Vasectomy

immune system mediated response whether it’s rheumatoid arthritis or whether it’s a kidney transplant that we’re trying to avoid rejection of we use steroids I do a short course and that usually clears it up so that those antibodies go are suppressed long enough for that couple to achieve pregnancy so they’re very important but only in the context if they are impeding.

Actual sperm release and and and sperm being able to do what they need to do so important but again treatable most of the time let me see if we have any more questions coming in so far it looks like we’re okay so I think at this point I really appreciate everybody’s attention to this webinar and the second we reversal and fertility options after vasectomy thanks again for tuning in and again this will be up later on the UCLA health website for replace and appointment numbers down below feel free to call with any.

Questions thanks very much video highlights the single incision vasectomy reversal whereby the entire reset. they’re sticky often because they’ve they’ve had an antibody reaction from the man’s serum that has gotten into their semen and sperm that has then made those sperm essentially non viable so the way that we treat anti sperm antibodies is by looking for that first minimizing reverse vasectomy that man’s exposure to reactive oxygen species and free radicals usually through anti-inflammatory and then often through steroids just like any any antibody mediated a response.

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